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  • Relocation

  • If you are coming to Switzerland or already arrived in the country, if you are employee, or employing Expats, then you have found the right people!.

    We help you to incorporate your limited company, with international employee-transfers: personally or professionally, quickly and reasonably.

    EXPAT ASSISTANCE also provide all sorts of concierge service. We will be your partner on a daily basis.

    We will provide you with the help you need to find the balance in your life, with the right partners.
  • Relocation, accommodation

  • Purchasing, organising your future home or your new office in Geneva area is became very difficult!.

    We are taking care of all matters for you!.

    1, You fill up the Expat Form electronically and send it back to us by Email
    2. We meet to analyze your needs, your document and to sign our contract.
    3. We do all apartment searching for you.
    4. We take you to see some apartments, if you are in Geneva, if not we take photo and we send them to you
    5. We apply for you and we follow the application with the real estate agency
    6. As soon as you are getting the positif answer, we are explaining to you the rental agreement
    7. We help you for all payment needs, Bank guaranteed, rental monthly payment
    8. We are doing the home insurance with you
    9. We do the checking of the apartment with you, the day you get the keys.
    10. We organise the Electricity for you, and we explain to you all other administration work to be done

    Then you have your apartment or your office to settle down.
  • Personnal Assistant*

  • Organising all your needs on a daily basis, at your office or at your home, your private administration, dry cleaning, car service

    With our partner *Chronologica
  • Others*

  • Organising all your needs with our partners from events, insurance, electricien, car, doctors...
  • *Ask for our partner's list
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  • Insurance

  • During my career in the insurance industry, I have worked for a number of the major companies in Switzerland and received the very best and highest training.
    I specialize in providing insurance and financial advice to English-speaking expatriates in Geneva and surrounding areas.
    We have the flexibility to find the best coverage at the best rate across all the insurance providers.
    Our partners are the largest insurance groups in Europe and offer flexible insurance and financial solutions:
  • Home insurance

    Replacement of belongings at their new replacement value
    • Your contents insurance covers loss or damage due to: fire (e.g. smoke, lightning, explosion)
    • natural hazards (e.g. flood, inundation, storm or hail)
    • burglary, robbery and simple theft
    • also covers burglary from locked motor vehicles (up to CHF 5,000)
    • water damage: for example, liquids leaking from pipes and systems, aquariums and water beds
    • Damage to furniture glass or to glazing in buildings
    • Bicycle full coverage, laggage insurance...
    • Building coverage

  • Family insurance

    Coverage for personal and family liability Bodily injury: death, injury or other impairment to the health of persons Loss of or damage to property: destruction, damage to or loss of property Animals: death, injury and loss of animals..
    • Personal liability supplementary
    • Damage to motor vehicles (up to 3,500 kg) that you used but do not own
    • Horse rentals: the insurance covers the statutory liability for accidental injury to borrowed or rented horses, and to horses being kept temporarily or ridden on someone else’s behalf Daily allowance for horse rentals
    • Persons growing wine as a secondary occupation: this insurance covers the statutory liability for bodily injury and property damage due to cultivation of a vineyard as a secondary occupation
    • Hunting: supplementary insurance for hunters
    • You can choose insurance to exclude a gross negligence deduction...

  • Vehicle insurance

    Car, SUV, motorbike, truck, boat...

    • Third-party liability insurance (mandatory)
    • Collision damage,
    • Partial damage...
    • Breakdown assistance...

  • Family bonus for young drivers up to age 25 whose parents are insured with Zurich
  • Breakdown assistance throughout Switzerland included
  • Full replacement cost coverage during the first year of operation
  • More attractive vehicle damage premium with special discount
  • Help Point services included.
  • Legal insurance

  • Personal and drivers' legal protection insurance offers the right coverage for individuals who want to protect themselves in case of legal disputes

  • Whether you are the person filing a legal claim or the accused – solution-oriented legal experts are here for you

  • For 1.- chf per day!.

    • Personal legal protection insurance covers the following:

      • Non-contractual claims for property damage and bodily injury as well as any resulting pecuniary losses
      • Disputes arising with your landlord from your rental contract
      • Disputes with insurance companies including pension and health funds
      • Disputes relating to the ownership and possession of property (excluding real estate)
      • You are insured for criminal and administrative penalty proceeding if you break the law due to gross negligence
      • Disputes with employers
      • As a patient, you can file claims for damages against doctors and hospitals

      • Drivers' legal protection insurance covers the following:

        • Vehicle contract law: disputes in relation to leasing, purchasing, rental and loans
        • Insurance law: Orion’s legal experts support you regarding conflicts with your insurance company
        • Property law: as the owner of a vehicle, you can exercise the rights to your property
        • Criminal law: support from Orion’s legal experts when filing a criminal complaint to enforce claims for damages relating to loss or damage to property or bodily injury
        • Confiscation of driver’s license: drivers' legal protection insurance pays your costs if your driver’s license is wrongfully confiscated

      • Protect your family and yourself in case of personal legal proceedings.

      • We would be glad to advise you!.

  • Business insurance

    Your company need a professional and a special advice, ask us for a free analysis

    • Liability, business inventory

    • Accident, pension plan, lost of earning...

    We will be with you everyday to reach your needs!.

  • Life insurance

    What are your needs?

    • Security for your family with a life insurance adapted to you

    • Retirement plan to reach your objectif

    • Pension provisions and enjoy tax advantages with the third pillar 3a

    Our advisor will be happy help you to Protect your family and your income!.

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  • For Insurance Terminology GLOSSARY click here

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  • Vehicle

  • Whether you are looking for new or second hand vehicle in Geneva area you have found the right people.
  • If you importing your car when you moving in Switzerland
  • We help you when you to through all administration and formalities matter for the registration.
  • We direct you to our partners to get your car look after in every days need.

  • Registering your vehicle in Switzerland

  • We do all the administration documents, we organize the car insurance, and we bring back the Swiss number plate.

    1. We do all the administration documents for the custom
    2. We get the car ready for inspection visit
    3. We organize the car insurance and the Swiss registration plate.
  • Authenticating your driving licence if necessary

  • When expatriate coming to our country, they have 12 month to exchange their driving license to a Swiss one. 
  • We help our client to organize all documents necessary to do it

  • Servicing (mechanical/bodywork) arrangements

  • We organize all for the client with our partner on your arrival!.
    We help you to find the right people

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  • Your newborn's Stem Cells

  • Regenerative Medicine!.

  • Syndromes and disease are being treated in ways we have never previously thought possible and stem cell treatment is one of the most exciting frontiers of medical science today.

    By banking your child’s stem cells you are ensuring that if your child or a genetically matched family member ever needs a stem cell transplant, they have unique access to the sample.

    The stem cells will be cryogenically preserved for your family only, and no-one else will be able to request retrieval of the sample without your permission. Around the world there is major focus on the development of regenerative medicine therapies that utilise stem cells, and thousands of clinical trials are currently underway to develop a variety of new stem cell-based treatments.

    These could be part of standard medical practise for the treatment of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

    By banking a sample of Haematopoietic Stem Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells for your family you are maximising

    your chances of taking advantage of future developments in regenerative medicine, in the unfortunate circumstance of family illness.
  • The Swiss professionalisme will look after your family!.
  • Our services:

  • Cord Blood Stem Cells

    • Umbilical cord blood, or cord blood, is the blood remaining in the umbilical cord after a baby is born.

    • Cord blood contains a variety of cells including red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets and is also rich in hematopoietic stem cells.
  • Cord Tissue Stem Cells

    • This is the connecting cord from the developing embryo or fetus to the placenta.
    • During prenatal development, the umbilical cord is physiologically and genetically part of the fetus and normally contains two arteries (the umbilical arteries)
    • Buried within Wharton's jelly. Scientists are quickly discovering that the tissue of the umbilical cord could become a vital component to the future treatment of many diseases.
  • Storage

    • Our laboratories are in Switzerland and in England.
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  • Our accreditations

  • Swiss Medic
  • HTA
  • OFSP
  • ISO

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  • "Time Fixing"

  • "The art of stepping back in time" is a concept incorporating the fundamentals of life, just taking the time to live!.

    We are in this consuming society, we do not fixe anymore the Item, we are buying new one.
  • L'Doc du temps, we are refusing the death of the object!.

    Our artist Thierry fighting this fatality and he is fixing your old clocks and watches!. 
  • Caracteristiques

  • 1.We are on both sides of the border!.
    2. We check up and clean your clocks, chronometers and watches.
    3. We fix your clocks, chronometers and watches.
    4. We take the time to manufacture the old parts we cannot found any more!.
    5. We give you a quote for each maintenance or repair before doing it.
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  • Opening Time

  • From monday to friday from 8h30 to 12h00 and from 13h30 to 17h00, or by appointment. It is preferable to contact us beforehand.
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